The aim of workshops is to offer a safe, non-judgmental, fun space for individuals to focus and bring clarity to their lives. These workshops help you envisage and create the life you want for yourself by inspiring, motivating and instilling confidence in your own abilities.

€90 per person

Honour your aspirations and dreams . Helps shape your reality, bring focus and clarity to your ambitions and adopt meditation and motivational tools.

One to one: refining your goals
€60 per person

Concession: For Retired/Unwaged/Student

Recognising your personal path and setting the pace to realise your life ambitions,  Establishing the practices that help achieve those goals. 

Alternative option of a skype session. 

€45 per person - 2hrs

A follow up course designed around those who decide to finesse their Vision Boards and to adapt it with greater honesty and clarity, aligning to their goals.


Meditation Workshops / Self Compassion Cousrses / Deepen your Meditation practice Courses / Fully Being based on Tsoknyi Rinpoche's teachings / mini retreats benefiting ourself and others

1 hour Introduction to Meditation Workshops: Body Scan, Breathing Exercise, Meditation Practice, Mindful Movement, Chocolate Meditation, Meditation with Sound and Meditation with object.

ONE TO ONE Counselling
€60 per person - 1 hr

Concession: For retired/unwaged/student

Guiding and helping you to understand yourself on a deeper level as you steer your way on the journey to reaching your full potential

€ - 6 TO 12 Wks Programmes
1 - 2hr each week

This course teaches topics such as relaxation techniques, meditation practices , mindfulness practices, loving kindness practice, developing self compassion and in turn building self esteem and self care.

Personal development/stress management/self esteem building/communication skills/international women's cO
€ -  Wks process - 

Over the weeks, this course will explore relaxation techniques, communication and listening skills as well as assertiveness training. self care, cultivating self compassion and loving kindness will be thought.

indian HEAD MassAGE
€50 - 1 hr

With 13  years practicing head message I truly believe in the benefits. This massage helps physically and emotionally. relieving stress, depression, headaches, boosting feelings of calm and much more.

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