Bring Your Mind Home

Pauline O' Brien has worked extensively in the area of Meditation and Loving Kindness practices. For many years, she has helped people live more peaceful and fulfilling lives through the practice of Meditation. Her guided Meditations, are delivered in Weekend Workshops and Weekly Courses. She has lived in many culturally diverse countries and has travelled extensively.

Guided by a deep connection with nature, her compassionate and grounded sense of being, makes this CD a calming and healing journey for the listener. As we learn to meditate, we become more familiar with our minds and thought processes.  Recognising the thoughts and letting them come and go. We are much more than our thoughts.

This may be your first step on the journey to Meditation or maybe you are an experienced Meditator. This recording will bring you the ease you need, where ever you are. 

"The quieter you become, the more you can hear"  Buddha

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