Mindfulness Meditation Testimonials 

"After spending 10 weeks working with Pauline, I now found myself being more mindful of my actions, more relaxed in the way I manage my thoughts and the way I approach the everyday things that once made me feel so apprehensive. Thanks Pauline.  

Paul (Shannon)

"When I am stressed I grip the stone that you gave me tightly I am immediately brought back to the den of safety that you provided at the Meditation Workshop, it works, calms me, pulls me back and the anxiety goes away" Thank-you

Anonymous (Limerick)

 “The greatest journey of discovery of a lifetime. The one of finding my inner self and  the demons  that only exist in a negative mind  and the things that can never be changed. The past is gone, the future is on the horizon and determined only by the present, which is the ultimate destiny. I highly recommend Mindfulness Meditation with Pauline O’Brien, there is only a positive vision and destiny.”

Joe Limerick

 "I have connected with the true essence of my life, breathing is our very essence" 

Fiona Limerick

"I could listen to your voice all day Pauline, can I bring you home with me?"

Deseree Limerick

"Thank you for enriching my life and the life of my friends and colleagues."

Siobhan LIT Limerick

"The breath has helped me connect with my divinity"

Anne Limerick

Being more mindful when I am driving. Knowing when to bring my mind back and come back into the moment”

Trish: Limerick Youth Service

I use it when my mind starts racing, especially if I wake up at night. It helps me to go back to sleep”

Noreen: Limerick Youth Service

I feel more relaxed going home after this class. I am finding it easier to banish the thoughts in class and let the mind be”

Sheila: Limerick Youth Service

I feel much calmer regarding certain issues and I am able to assess the situation more clearly. I allow myself a little more time for myself after work and after training”

Cathal: Limerick Youth Service

I look forward to Monday evenings. I feel guilty when I miss a session and feel I have missed out and I am not as much at ease with the next few days of the week. The little diamond stickers on my phone and computer help me focus during my working day and they allow me to take a moment for myself”

Annmarie: Limerick Youth Service

"I Really enjoyed - excellent teacher - made it very beneficial and interesting, brought a lovely touch to each class"

Clare Youth Service

"This course brought positivity into my Monday mornings.  It grounded me for the week at work.  I enjoyed sharing this time with my workmates". Thank you

Clare Youth Service

"I really enjoyed the course.  What I learned is I don't need silence when meditating, I can do it in the dentists waiting room.  It is a reminder to be kind to myself, be in the moment, I am much more aware of this.  Pauline's voice is gentle, firm and soft ideal for the sessions. " Thank you

Clare Youth Service

"What I learned is I need to relax more and make time for me.  I also need to listen to my body.  The atmosphere that was created was very nice and relaxed.  Pauline was very patient and giving" Thanks

Clare Youth Service

"Excellent meditation practice with the group.  I will integrate into my work place more often - just stop and breathe.  I learned mainly to be kinder to myself and that I deserve to be well and happy."  Thank you

Clare Youth Service

"I most liked that I learned some simple techniques to relax and ground myself when my thoughts are going crazy in my head"

Clare Youth Service

"I practice the breathing techniques meditation mostly in the evenings or when I wake during the night.  I would like to incorporate it into my day time routine"

Clare Youth Service

"Excellent experience I have started to use in my personal life and have started learning to use in my work life also - looking forward to using the technqiues more in the future"

Clare Youth Service

"Good start to the day and to my week.  I have never done Meditation before.  I hope to do more and learn more about it" Thanks

Clare Youth Service

"Loved the Meditation course it made a valuable and very noticeable difference to my working week." Thank you

Clare Youth Service

"Thanks Pauline for guiding us through the six weeks Mindfulness Meditation training.  I have certainly taken on board the concepts of being more "Mindful" when tasting food, enjoying nature - smelling the flowers and listening to my own body and remembering to breathe" 

Clare Youth Service