Vision Board Testimonials

"The 1 day vision board workshop, is a great day to think about yourself and to set personal goals.  In my work, I spend my days supporting others towards reaching their objectives, so it was great to think about myself for once.  The relaxed setting, the dynamics of the group and Pauline's supportive facilitation all added to the day.  I would recommend this workshop to everyone looking to achieve more, wanting focus or basically to put themselves first for once.  I will definitely be coming back!!

Therese Limerick

I had a wonderful day at the Vision Board Workshop. It encouraged me to focus in on what I want from my life in a kind and gentle way and I had lots of fun too. I now have a  visual daily reminder of what matters to me and what I would like to do to achieve that, and it looks really good on my wall. Pauline is an excellent educator and facilitator, she enables you to just ease your way through the day with minimum fuss and maximum results and she makes and bakes amazing food"

Dorothy Limerick

"Pauline is a very positive and a very helpful person. I feel energised about going forward"

Julia Limerick

"I will tell all my friends about your amazingness Pauline.  It was a fun day.  I learned as much from the other six people and Pauline as I learned from myself"

Una Limerick

"I enjoyed the homely surroundings and meeting everybody, the food and creating the Vision Board.  I really feel the overall experience is one to be enjoyed"

Denise Co. Clare

"I enjoyed the atmosphere of the day, the homely feeling in the room.  I enjoyed the company of the people and creating my Vision Board"

Eva Co. Clare

Part of my Vision Board was the atmosphere of friendship, love and positivity that I wanted to attract into my life. This too is unfolding gradually in unexpected ways. My experience has been that it can be very powerful when we put intention and positive energy into what is close to our hearts.

I would recommend this workshop and advise anyone doing it to really be open to all kinds of possibilities. Anne (Limerick)

"It was a lovely day out, very worthwhile and rewarding.  it was great to take time out for myself"

Regina Limerick

In the space that the workshop provided, I could be really honest with myself about what I wanted from my life without holding back. My life situation has literally transformed in this short time. Rob (Limerick)

I find that it has given me a clearer focus on a positive future personally and professionally. I have recommended the day workshop to friends and colleagues and would highly recommend it for a fun, creative and worthwhile undertaking.

Helen (Co. Tipperary)

It enabled me to focus on what is important to me in MY LIFE. Support and guidance was provided by Pauline in an unobtrusive way. As a result I found I had lots of fun, felt energised and imbued with an I CAN DO IT I WILL DO IT attitude. My recommendation – IT WORKS! Anonymous

Within a very short period of time I started to experience events that I honestly feel are a direct result of creating my Vision Board with Pauline's help. I cannot recommend Pauline enough! Niamh (Co. Clare)

I would highly recommend the Vision Board Workshop to anyone who is looking for the motivation or inspiration to move forward with their goals. Pauline delivered a great day and I can truly say I left feeling refreshed, excited and empowered. It left me feeling more confident and therefore, finally able to achieve things I thought I could never do. Dolores (Limerick)

Brilliant Day! Everyone having questions/doubts about life/career/loves/what drives them/getting tired of things etc., should do a Vision boarding course. There will definitely be something gained from it! Difficult to do, but stick with it, take your time and there will be a little/lot of clarity!! Sharon (West Cork)

Pauline is a wonderful facilitator and leader of a workshop where you can spend a day focused on your own goals and your aspirations in life. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to make a change in their lives or focus on a happy fulfilling future because Pauline helps you to take that leap of faith by helping you to be accepting of yourself.

Grace (Limerick)

After the Vision Board Training day I feel more confident in the choices I've made for myself and believe I have taken the right path, even though others may not. During the training I sat and thought about what's good about myself, what I want from life and how a positive attitude will help me achieve it.  Jackie (Limerick)

Participating in the Vision Board Workshop, I realised that my aspirations are deeply interwoven in the views I already have of myself but don't always acknowledge. Pauline is a brilliant facilitator with a gift of guidance that isn't intrusive.

I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone in search of a deeper self realisation. Maureen (Limerick)

Attended your amazing Vision Board Workshop in Limerick, full of fun with loads of inspirational ideas, really got your thought process going.  A big help in trying to focus on what we want out of life.  Food fab all freshly prepared on the day.  

Patricia (Co. Clare)

I was recently fortunate enough to attend one of Pauline's Vision Board Workshops. I would highly recommend it for anyone who feels they would like more out of life or just need to reflect on where they are in their lives. A thoroughly insightful and uplifting experience.  Annette (Limerick)

What I liked most was the open, welcoming atmosphere and support Pauline gave the group and then the permission this gave the group to treat each other the same way. Thanks Pauline, it was great to have the space to do this. Anonymous

Very open and friendly, feel of ease and honesty to the day. Lovely group of people. Great lunch and yummy scones. Fantastic atmosphere. Anonymous

A great environment for open, creative, honest space for doing a Vision Board. A lovely setup and organisation of the day.


It was a relaxing day. Pauline you are a lovely person that helps people feel comfortable. Anonymous

Attended one of Pauline's vision board workshops which i thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from. Pauline creates a very friendly, relaxed and creative environment with the right balance of fun, creativity and reflective time and space. This is a very worthwhile and enjoyable workshop. It helped me to take time and space to really explore, visualise and think outside the box. Thank you Pauline.  Anne (Limerick)

A truly wonderful day – relaxed and powerful. Time and Space to focus on what’s important to me and what ‘d like to manifest in my own life.’ Moira (West Cork)

I want to thank Pauline very much for organising the Vision Board Workshop. It was a brilliant day. It was very relaxing, positive and rewarding. It made me look at things in my life. I met lovely people. Pauline was great, very easy to talk to and very helpful. She is a great person and I look forward to the follow up day.

Nora (Limerick)

I was surprised at how the process went beyond the day of the Workshop. It felt like the different method of looking at hopes allowed for a different perspective which allowed me to bypass habitual patterns or thoughts. Creating reminders to myself let wisdom express itself. Elaine (West Cork)

Pauline facilitated the day with fun, sensitivity and grace, it was an interesting process – spending a whole day really considering where one is heading, to think bigger!; to squarely confront 'comfort zones' that may have stopped growth; to get clarity on future life choices. Through courage and support, life expands.” Peter (Dublin)

Thanks for a great day on the Vision Board Workshop. I thoroughly enjoyed my day and got so much out of it. From the moment I walked into the room I knew it was going to be such a good day. I really appreciated the efforts you put into every aspect of the day, from your warm and open way of facilitating the group, to your different choice of music to the little treats you had for us. I left the day feeling nurtured and focused for which I say thanks. I'd also say if anyone is wanting to give themselves a bit of space for themselves, I would really highly recommend this Workshops. Thanks Pauline.”

Verna (Wexford)

For anybody who is curious about the benefits of using Vision boards as tools to help to imagine, to refine and to realise one's goals, I highly recommend attending one of Pauline O'Brien's workshops.

Immediately one gets a feeling of warmth, of relaxation and the sense that this is a CPD workshop unlike any other!

Pauline's imaginative, creative and innovative style engages all who partake as participants are afforded the opportunity to tap into their individual artistic styles. Fun, creativity and guided relaxation techniques are key elements of this event.

The lovely atmosphere speaks to both Pauline's considerable experience in this area and to her careful attention to detail.

All in all, this is a really enjoyable workshop...well done Pauline.

Colette (Limerick)

"It gave me time to focus on what really matters and what I would like to change in my life.  Your energy and enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring"

Dorothy (Limerick)

" I really enjoyed my Vision Board Workshop with Pauline.  She was an excellent facilitator and worked with us as a group initially and then later in the Workshop she gave lots of personal attention to the participants.  It was a rewarding experience and I hope to repeat it again."

Sinead (Nenagh) 

"I had a fantastic day meeting new people and sharing food together was such a wonderful experience.  I felt nervous as I had never done one before.  Pauline soon put me at ease and was hands on if needed.  So I got going and well I just couldn't stop, with all the materials provided, glitter, coloured markers, paints, my excitement was of a child.  The different things that were popping into my head were surreal.  Personally I could not recommend this highly enough.  It is a wonderful group activity with lots of chats, laughs and fun and you get to bring home your Vision Board"

 Ann (Limerick)

"The Vision Board Workshop is a special day with Pauline to explore setting goals and making aspirations for the coming year of your life. There is also guided meditation sessions during the course of the day which are lovely. Pauline is very aware and open minded, her approach is gentle and kind to all within the group. Her affirmations are very powerful and i highly recommend this day to "anyone" who wants to make personal goals to work towards.  Pauline is a genuinely lovely person and works very hard."

Ursula (Co. Clare)

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